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Kiln Formed glass

My first big architectural commission was to design two windows for a local church in Canada.Several years later I was asked to complete the further eight windows in the sanctuary.

As an Arts Care artist I was commissioned to design 2 windows for the chapel in Musgrave Park Hospital in Belfast.This was an exhillerating and rewarding learning experience and very successful.

This then led to a commission to design a window in Belfast City Hall, commissioned by the D.H.S.S.

For this window I wanted a special effect and discovered the techniques of fusing and slumping in kiln worked glass. This led to my focus on glass as a sculptural form. I studied various glass techniques with Deborah Horrell and other Masters at Northlands in Scotland.


Studio glass, using many techniques, including sgraffito work,are for sale and vary in size from small to large.I am now exploring and creating jewellry using glass techniques and continuing my fascination with exploring ways of representing water in all it's forms.


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